Oil Marketing

Companies in oil marketing are typically buying fuels like (Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, JET A1, etc..) and Lubricants in bulk and delivering to bulk customers or their own terminal facility.

SAN-OAG supports Companies that either lease or own their terminal & Fuel Station facility and help them monitor and manage terminal & Fuel Station Procurement, Sales, inventories, Fixed Assets and Finance.

Key Fetaures


SAN-OAG for OIL MARKETING COMPANIES provides complete control over trading operations.

SAN-OAG supports a wide range of trade transactions that Purchase Orders, sales orders, Loading Orders, Delivery Notes, Gate Passes, Customer invoices and Supplier Invoices. It has facility to control Loading Orders, Payments via gateway of Approval Stage.


SAN-OAG for OIL MARKETING COMPANIES has facility to receive third party stock as receipts at OBS and 20 Degree values. In the delivery process also it will maintain as per OBS and 20 Degree values at the end it can maintain stock movement as per OBS and 20 Degrees. It has facility to control third party Stock Loading Order Approval, and it have control of Third Party Customer stock not to give more Quantity.


Using RIS-Logistics, incoming fuel tickets or bill of lading data can be booked into actual, matched against the appropriate Contracts/Purchase Orders, and priced automatically. The system allows to book customer transactions, price them against the appropriate deal, calculate the taxes and other costs and create invoices.


The result of trading, Hospitality and Logistics Transactions culminates in accounting transactions for RIS- Accounting Module. In this module all transactions are valued by using price parameters which includes Sales (Services- Hospitality etc.. & Products),Purchases(Services-Hospitality etc..&Products), Income and Expenses. from this module includes Sales transactions are configured to appear on user defined invoice templates; while payable transactions can be searched, validated, and matched to supplier invoices.

Duties & Taxes ledger provides the ability for a user to configure a tax and define the transactions to which it is to be invoked. All user transactions types can be associated with company's chart of accounts.

SAN-OAG is designed to track inventory values as per warehouse wise & Item wise. Movements in and out of storage accounts are tracked by location wise and grouped .It has facility to record physical inventory readings, compare with Book stock and record Loss/Gain as per variance value. All Inventory Inward/Outward Quantities stores as per Observed and 20 Degree Standards.

SAN-OAG Accounting Module Reports designed base reports aid in reviewing data in which users of this information can configure individualized reports that aid them with their day to day accounting responsibilities.

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