SAN ATG - Automatic Tank Gauging System

SAN ATGs allow you to obtain the oil level, water level, temperature, inventory volume, restocking (Delivery) and sales information easily whenever and wherever you are. The accurate and timely Measurement enhances the quality of control and greatly improves efficiency.

SAN ATGs can interface with back office management software through smart console, this achieving a one-stop management process.

RIS developed management software that can work on Remote is such software, and it is designed to be user-friendly. It fulfills the Complete management needs, providing accurate real-time inventory, restocking (delivery) and sales information.

Smart Console

Whenever you need an accurate inventory, restocking and sales information, they are right here for you! The smart console is a powerful platform to fulfill your managerial needs. A slight tap on the color monitor gives you information on restocking, sales and inventory, enhancing your managing efficiency.

A digital color touch-screen monitor with graphic menu makes work effortless. Two RS232 serial ports and one USB port allows connection to a printer and back office management system, as well as for system upgrading.

This console can also work in conjunction with the Remote software; integrate with the existing back office Management software so that one can easily control and management multiple service stations from a single location.

System Features

  • Digital Color Touch-Screen Graphic Monitor.
  • User-friendly Icons.
  • Real-time monitoring of oil and water levels and temperature.
  • Support up to a max. of 12 probes.
  • Support 6 probes standard configuration.
  • Tank calibration.

Available Reports

  • Inventory Report
  • Delivery(Restocking)Report.
  • Shift Report
  • Diagnostic Report
  • Alarm History Report.


  • User-defined trigger points for alarms against temperature, oil and water levels.
  • Sound & Visual alarms.
  • Alarm history records.

Software Functions

  • Self-Diagnostic and Automatic Alarm Activation
  • Varied Authority Levels and User-Password Protected.

Magnetostrictive Probe

The probe is easy to install and simple to operate. The 2" oil and water floaters are designed to work in most kinds of tanks. Suitable for measure gasoline, diesel and specified light oils.Realtime monitoring ensures safety.

PC Remote Software

  • Remote software was designed and developed by RIS to provide a real-time monitoring of tanks.
  • PC remote uses an open database format.
  • You can easily export the data to Excel (.xls) or Text (.txt) format for data manipulation.
  • One can also upload all data to the head office through the network.
  • It has online diagnostic capability.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Room for expanded functions.
  • Real-time reporting of delivery, inventory shift and alarm.
  • History reports inquiry of shift reports.
  • Delivery reports, inventory reports and alarm reports
  • User-defined alarms.
  • Files can be exported in pdf, Excel or Text format.
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