SAN FAL Fleet & Logistics Solutions

The SAN FAL Software is the most feature-rich software package. If you have a single fleet Maintenance location, or several, RIS offers SAN FAL software solution that fits – for your operations. Using SAN FAL Software, incoming fuel tickets or bill of lading data can be booked into actuals, matched against the appropriate contract, and priced automatically. The system allows to book customer transactions, price them against the appropriate deal, calculate the taxes and other costs and create invoices. This is a comprehensive business solution that enables the transporter to manage Demand-Supply position of vehicles, keep a track of maintenance expenditure and operating costs while automating the front and back office process, Procurement, Inventory, Sales, Finance, Fixed Assets, Payroll, Workshop.

Key Features

Order booking, customer rate contracts, preparation of customer based invoices, customer goods delivery notes and truck receipts.Enables use of HTTP/HTTPS for deployments across firewall.

  • Allocation of vehicles & drivers.
  • Tracking of maintenance costs, fuel purchases, and service log.
  • Tracking of sub contracted vehicles, payments to sub contractors and outstanding balance.
  • Management of supply-demand position of the vehicles.
  • Maintenance of inventory and status.
  • Backup and Restore facilities with Manual or Scheduled.
  • Tracking of Vehicle Information that Status of Vehicle , Asset Value, Other Details, Expenseson Vehicle.
  • Profit/Loss Summary on Vehicle.
  • User access and security with location wise.

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