Barcode & RFID Solutions

Rashmitha Bar-coding & RFID increases speed and accuracy of data collection, reducing errors and saving time & money.

Rashmitha Barcode & RFID systems maintain accurate & up-to-date inventories, your material handlers spend less time restocking or searching for merchandise, happier to customers, shipping errors are reduced, customer pay their bills more quickly when fewer invoices are in dispute, leading to an improvement in cash flow and reduced borrowing costs.

Rashmitha Bar-coding & RFID are the best way is sure that deliveries are correct and traceable, have a happier sales force, a reduction in customer shipping errors is also a reduction in the time and money sales team must spend to keep customers happy.

Rashmitha Proposing barcode & RFID device shall perform the following functions

The function of the barcode & RFID devices is to read the image presented by the barcode & RFID. In its most basic form, the device checks and measures the absence or presence of light in the code's bars & RF and spaces, and converts that information into an electrical signal that can be translated into recognizable or computer-compatible data.

Common hand held scanning technologies includes wands, lasers, and CCDs. While they are all dedicated to the same task, reading a barcode & RFID, each device type offers advantages and devices are clearly superior in all cases.

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