RIS-Ordinary Mail System

The application software is to facilitate the processes of Ordinary mail service and also provide management information and control.

The system will help organization regain its market share in the Ordinary mail business. It should be Web based with different interfaces for all stakeholders. The system be online and support different types of users to allow them make decisions based on the information.

The objectives of the Ordinary Mail system are

  • To automate the ordinary mail processing
  • To facilitate distribution and monitoring of bar coded envelopes
  • To satisfy customer demand by timely delivery of ordinary mail
  • To provide management with necessary and timely reports for monitoring and control purposes
  • To facilitate Track and Trace for ordinary mails

Functionals Of System

Centralised Setup by The Super Administrator

Sending Ordinary Mail

Accepting of mail, Transfer of Mailto the circulation branch (CB), Receiving of mail in circulation branch (CB), Bagging and despatching of sorted mails, Conveyance, Processing Rules for Sending Mail, RECEIVING ORDINARY MAIL

Receiving of Mail Bags

Bag Opening, Receiving of Mail Items, Transfer of Mails, Receipt of Transferred Mails, Counter Delivery, Physical Address and Post Box Delivery, Mail in Transit

Other Functions of System

Fully Integrated, Support Credit Customer, Support Pre – Paid Customer, Track and Trace, Monitoring and distribution of bar coded Envelopes

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