Data Warehousing & Bussiness Intelligence

Our Data Warehousing Solutions enables you to bring together a 360-degree view of your suppliers, organization, customers and enterprise and serves as the foundation for obtaining insights in a low-risk manner.

RIS Data Warehousing Solutions feeds the analytic and business intelligence capabilities of the RIS Intelligence Architecture, forming an integrated solution for end-to-end delivery of intelligence that decision makers can act on.

It manages the delicate process of distributed data handling from source to target. It enables you to leverage existing hardware, software, data and human resources to easily integrate legacy and non-legacy data sources in a highly flexible, easily maintainable environment.

Provide a foundation for quality information throughout the enterprise. Integrate information from a multitude of sources — internal processes, third-party sources, the Web and beyond — to gain a holistic view of your organization.

RIS enhances the traditional ETL process with value-adding data quality technologies and an intuitive interface that simplifies maintenance of your warehouse and enables you to perform data extraction, data transformation and data loading — all from one vantage point.

RIS enables you to integrate information in ways that make enterprise intelligence immediately accessible any time, any place and in the most appropriate form.

As an acknowledged leader and innovator in data warehousing, analytics and business intelligence. We'll be here for the life of your investment. And because all RISsolutions rely on the same open, extensible framework - the Intelligence Architecture - it's easy to link individual solutions and leverage existing technology to collect data, create business value and develop repeatable processes.

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