Citizen Management

Rashmitha Information Systems (RIS) offering solution called Citizen Management System that ensures citizens have a complete electronic record of their civil information, medical information, educational information, job information, criminal records, also all the movements and travels inside & outside the country, the property & assets, the qualifications & competencies and more.

The system centrally accessed and secure system, the system capable of true record management, capturing complex data from even the remotest areas so a complete citizen record is available in real time.

During civil registration all required information shall updated in central database where citizens can apply passports / any certificates can easily get and it can support for E-Passport technology.

Border Management

Rashmitha offering a full range of applications to implement a specialized passenger biometric recognition, immigration processing, at border management headquarters, border control points and border control security systems cantered on integrated advanced technological solutions.

The system can be interfaced with other current operating systems for full integration and benefit to government as it can be linked by other Government agencies within the country , Intelligence Organization (for anti-terrorism and anti-smuggling purposes), Central Bank (anti-money laundering purposes), Tax Authority (Tax evasion purposes) and many other departments.

The system offers distinctive and highly valuable security screening and processing of passengers arriving and departing at a country’s airports and other immigration control points with the use of advanced biometric technology.

The system shall support to automate collection, formatting and validation of high-quality fingerprints, facial biometrics, and biographic data according to global standards.

It can thus promptly detect those persons who are classified from entering or leaving a country and this is a formidable means in a nation’s fight against terrorism, illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and other criminal activities.

Automated Border Control

Rashmitha Automated Border Control is an automated immigration control where combines the latest technologies of electronic gate hardware and border control software.

Watch-List Management

RIS provides efficient detection tool of wanted individuals attempting to enter or leave the country. this tool can able to create and maintain wanted-persons records, which include demographic and biometric features. Data can be imported from any integrated government database or international agencies database. Real-time identification checks are performed on every passenger. The system alerts immigration officials on possible watch-list hits by issuing a veiled alarm.

Mobile Border

The development of the Mobile Border on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. This solution can be ease of use. The officers can carry within pocket along secure access of biometric racemization of officers. While citizens crossing border shall be quicker to clear in and out.

  • Fingerprint and passport scanners shorten the time required for the information capture and passenger identification: 30 sec. average processing time
  • Detects counterfeited, stolen, and expired passports of all nationalities; checks visas and expiration dates; checks customs declarations forms
  • Demographic and biometric comparison ensures correct identification of the person; uncover false and double identity cases by fingerprint comparison
  • Checks passengers against watch-list of persons wanted by local or international authorities (Interpol); identifies wanted people
  • Multimodal biometric and face recognition processing
  • Generates instant and on demand reports and alerts
  • Infrastructure Services.
  • Shall provide the technical knowhow, initial capital outlay, maintenance of the equipment and system, technical back up.
  • Shall conduct periodic upgrades of hardware and software to keep up with international standards as technology advances
  • Shall implement and train the authorized personnel for the operation of the System in the Country’s International airport and border crossing areas.
  • Shall assumes full technical and professional responsibility for any operational measures it might implement in the performance of its obligations.

Visa Management

Rashmitha offering a full suite of applications on issuing visas from visa applications, eVisas and resident permits.

As per country required visa types shall be configured by Government officials in the system along that needed documents with verifications required. The system allows to configure workflow as per visa type required then can work accordingly and approvals / rejections of visa.

RIS Visa management system (suite of applications) interlinked and well-integrated among application where can deploy at national centers and consulates worldwide and is linked via a secure internet connection to a central database. RIS shall provide all required hardware, software, and related services.

The systems shall integrate with external security databases like interpole etc. during applying for visa etc. system perform real-time background checks and watch-list vetting against national security and Interpol databases for applied applicants. Automated visa expiration monitors verify passenger names and passport numbers at points of entry and exit.

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