RIS FuelCards - Fuel Card Solution

RIS-Fuel Cards - is a loyalty and non-cash payment system based on smart cards and used on Fuel stations. Due to system’s cutting-edge features, it became very popular among Leading oil companies. Our system became a corporate standard for non-cash payments in Retail Fuel chains.

RIS-Fuel Cards - designed for attracting constant customers thus giving a company Valuable competitive advantages. It considers all aspects of non-cash payments and due to its wide spread enables to easily organize mutual acceptance of cards.

RIS-Fuel Cards - allows forming a personal approach to individuals and corporate clients. The System includes several types of payment for Fuel and other services used at the stations.

Since RIS-Fuel Cards easily integrates with the bookkeeping and business management Software, it is possible to systematize documents circulation and increase data processing.

System Function

Centralized server located in head office which is having all customers data; there are Two types of customer.

Credit Customer : Trusted customers, Can provide some credit limit without Paying any advance.

Debit Customer : Who pays some advance and keep using that money for buying Fuel at outlets.As per above description Credit /Debit Customers terminology system will generate Smart cards at head office and issue to customers. While customers taking fuel from outlets this card can be used at point of sales Terminal, customer can authorize to buy fuel, as long as customer type of transaction It will check in the system and update records in branch office POS Terminal. If Credit / debit exceeds then system will alert that will not process so it can control Completely customers with credit/debit.

Key Features

It consists of 2 modules: First one is POS Application and the Second one is Server Application.

  • Membership entry and maintenance at server.
  • Membership card issue with the credit limit.
  • The card will be issued at the server location (Main administrative office).
  • From next time onwards re-charge will be accepted at any outlet.
  • The card holder can purchase the products at any listed outlets at the time card issue.
  • Every time when the card is used, the customer will get the SMS with the transaction details and the balance available in the card.
  • We can SMS to the card holder, when the card has no balance or the balance limit is below the specified amount (This option is optional).
  • Every outlet has POS terminal with card reading and writing facility.
  • The data will be updated to server either on-line/off-line as or when the transaction occurs.
  • If the data is not updated by on-line, the POS machine should be connected to the desktop computer available at the outlet and the data should be updated by connecting data transfer cable.
  • The off-line data update should be done daily. So that the server will have the accurate card information like balance available etc. This will facilitate the process for sending proper alert related to the account balance in the cards.
  • The server will maintain all cards information and is accessible to all out-lets. And the card balance will be updated as and when the transaction occurs when the POS is on-line.
  • Telephony Solutions.
  • In server application provides all the reports related to the re-charge, Card balances,Card transactions and out-let wise card member’s usage etc.
  • The server application is developed on .NET environment with browser support. So that the application is accessible to any authorized person with login and password details.
  • The POS application also has the provision to take daily reports related to the card usage and re-charge.
  • The Pos application also has the password security and SMS facility for the transactions made on that machine. (SMS to card holder for usage and re-charge).
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