RIS-BagBox @ Postal services

RIS-BagBox is web based Application software that will be able to manage Bag/Box rental processing for the corporation in an effective and efficient manner. Can be accessed over a network using a web browser it will support local area network / wide area network / internet. It is designed to give Postal Services a way to create and maintain their structure, get information quickly about their operations and their clients, and grow easily.

RIS-BagBox Application -

  • Manages all Bag/Box rentals processing for the corporation.
  • Clear processes to ensure error free and timely delivery of Bag/Box rental needs of the corporation.
  • Provide management with all necessary and timely reports for monitoring and control purposes.Allow in the system any fraction of the amount owing.
  • In the system all boxes shall be created in unique base with location wise but it can be accessed anywhere in the location office as master data management centrally maintained.
  • Can capable to handle number of year’s data.
  • Can be implemented as per corporation requirements.


Application for Bag/ BOX

Post information for applicant in the system

Approval Process

Once application is created in the system it will go to authorized people to Review The application – upon approval or disapproval it will go back to user who is created application- RIS-BagBox System will give connect to RIS-Work Flow system so administrator can customized the work flow at any time whenever they needs as well can assign number of Authorized people. This facility can be integrated with email service & SMS Service

  • Review of Application
  • Approval of application and Allocation of the Box

Bag/Box Surrender:

Once applied for surrender in the System will send info to related authorized people to approve – this can be connected to RIS-Work Flow system.

  • Once authorized person review the request to surrender then will go for approval.
  • In the system complete statement can be printed as per needs, before approval for surrender.

Receive Payments

  • System allows posting customer receipts in the system in the bases of rental purpose / advance bases.
  • It prints based on needs and generated receipt number based on needs automatic /manual as per setup in masters.
  • While Customer surrender and approval done from authorize people then system will allow to settlement the customer account with receipt number generation.
  • If any wrong entries done the authorized people will have rights to approve for reverse entry in the system.

SMS and Email notifications

The system shall provide SMS and/or Email notifications of status of Box Rental Account as regards the following.

  • Allocation of Box
  • Outstanding Balances
  • Any payments (upon receipt)
  • Termination of occupancy
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