Warehouse Management


RIS-offering, the core system manages supporting modules and is the heart of the entire operation. It comprises the stock management module, suppliers, outlets, users, their locations, and user credentials. The credentials enable the system to enable access to the system by users on need basis and attaches responsibility of stocks to individual officers.

The core system also manages alerts on stock movement and audits, and contains a workflow module that escalates reports to superior officers when audits, deliveries, etc. are not executed in the prescribed time.

It maintains in the system to generate related information like Items on hand , product expiry, usage, products on hand, and Max, order level, min/emergency order etc..

The core module also manages the date-based operation of the system.

Warehouse management software maintains pharmacy and non-pharmacy warehouses for an electronic inventory tracking system with barcode technology.

System Operational Diagram


  • Items on hand, Added features: across the three non-pharmacy warehouses.
  • Ordering support including product expiry, usage, products on hand, and Max, order level, min/emergency order.

The system shall manage, and track drugs stocks based on the following Key components;

  • Inbound stocks into the pharmacy and non-pharmacy warehouses
  • Outbound stocks from pharmacy and non-pharmacy warehouses
  • Inbound stocks into Facilities
  • Stock transfers between facilities
  • Dispensing drugs to in Facilities

Offering Modules & Features

Stock Management Orders Management Tracking Dispensing Reports
System Controls
• Passwords and Access Levels
• Audit Generator
• Alerts
• System Logs
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