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Rashmitha Information Systems (RIS) design and implement the Health Management Information System (HMIS) for the Government through an assessment of the existing infrastructure, to determine the scope of implementation of the system.

Rashmitha Information Systems (RIS)to establish an Health Management Information System as a one-stop point for accessing comprehensive data on the performance of the Health Sector.

Challenges from health sector

The Public Sectorchallenges in collecting health data from the Government Institutions and the Private Sector. This situation presents a major challenge in an effort to measure the performance of the Sector. Under such circumstances, data reliability is sometimes compromised as different sources present different figures for the same indicator.

RIS Solution

RIS Offering solution , which will be a completely Health Management Information System (HMIS) at the Ministry of Health, will integrate the systems of the agencies of the health Sector for performance reporting, administration and monitoring, thereby addressing the challenges being experienced with regards to quality and reliability of data.

Objectives of Solution

• To adopt a patient-centred model for the health information systems, in all the health agencies in the sector instead of the vertical approach today in practice

• To implement Health informatics standards , starting with unique identifiers for persons (Biometrics), healthcare providers and healthcare professionals and moving forward to vocabularies (diagnoses, procedures, treatment and so forth), essential datasets initiative, and security and confidentiality.

• To define the methods to be adopted within the government in developing the Health Management Information System, such as project management, software development and documentation, and open standards, in order to guarantee a scalable, robust and modular architecture.

• To build a technological infrastructure to connect healthcare providers across the county with broadband Internet services and to create the backend of servers, to support the needs of web- services, application servers, database and data mining methods.

RIS Solution Scope of Work and Methodology

(1) Visit key MOH agencies or institutions, including two institutions producing health data to assess the status of their databases

(2) Examine the facilities available at these institutions for data management

(3) Examine the current databases

(4) Seek the opinions of management and their technical teams on other proposed options and opinions

(5) Determine which options are available and are appropriate and provide reasons for the suggestion

(6) Establish the possibility of integrating all databases on health (covering Government, Mission and Private Hospitals, etc.)

(7) Make a presentation to management on the Draft Report for their inputs

(8) Develop the Requirements and Terms of Reference for the software engineers on the development of an Health Management Information System for Government

(9) Assess the existing infrastructure and technical department to determine technical and the technological capacity of the County government to implement the new system and give recommendations for enhancement.

(10) Develop, Test, Implement an Health Management Information System within the budget and timelines stipulated.

(11) Provide continued support and maintenance of the HMIS after commissioning. The support shall include adding requested features, fixing errors and providing needed user support for the maintainers of the system.

(12) Provide training to the technical department and users on the use of the system, maintenance and troubleshooting.

13 Develop documentation at all levels of the requirements gathering, development, testing and implementation of the HMIS.

RIS Solution & Features

Health Management Information System
RIS documents and certifications
• ISO 13485:2003 Quality Certificate
• DICOM 3.0 Standard Conformance Statements for
• all imaging solutions presented.
• HL7 Interface
• HIPPA Rules Compliance.
• IHE Compliance Document
The systemshall consist of a complete eHealth solution consisting of an electronic health record "EHR" combined with a Vendor Neutral Archive "VNA" and a financial backend Management system (ERP).
RIS Offersweb based technology and Open license
RIS ensure proper operation and decrease integration point of failures.
All applications shall use a single database / application architecture forproper operationand decrease integration point of failures.
The solution shall able to Work on multiple Internet Browser (e.g.Internet Explorer, Firefox ,GoogleChrome, Apple Safari, OperaBrowser, ...etc.) without limitations

The offered solution shallsupport working over multipleoperating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux ...etc.) for user side applications

Thesolutionshall supportviewing images and writing/reading reportsApple iOS and Androidtablets and mobile devices

EHR and VNA communication shall be provided.

Theofferedsolution shall be multi-lingual in application GUI and data including with on the flyswitching between interfaces.
All images or files shall be stored on VNA serverin native format without any modifications.
The solution shall include a web-based ClinicalViewing for the Healthcare Enterprise (anywhereaccess)

The offered solution shall bea highlyCustomizable User Interface For All Users –Privilege Based

Automatic patient access (Portal) from anywhereand any device to their medical record.
Support for customized non-HL7 integration with other HIS if needed.
The whole solution shall have an up time is99.9%

The system shall capable of producing theMinistry of health (MOH) monthly reports

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