Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Control Centre

You can track its every movement online

In today’s transport world it is important that vehicle carrying people or consignment not only reaches the destination safely, but on time to ensure this, a transport company requires a robust solution build on highly scalable software platform and tracking devices, yet, within a budget that they can afford.

This is where Rashmitha Information Systems a fully integrated transport solution offering 360-degree view of the fleet management company would fit. It combines both real time tracking, operational and reporting features to deliver their customers seamless information flow to know the whereabouts of vehicle.

GPS based Vehicle Tracking

You can track the movement of your fleet/vehicle on real-time basis using Rashmitha GPS tracking feature. It provides all the tools and reports required to oversee the movement of your vehicle on the road.

  • Show the route traveled on maps graphically both trip and day wise
  • Show the stopping points with time intervals
  • Complete traceability of the path traveled by each vehicle with stoppage time at each point
  • Traceability report to know the historical movement of the device
  • Representation of the historical data of the vehicle on maps
  • Speed violation report
  • Total Kilometers Report
  • Two-way voice communication with driver
  • Emergency Messaging in case of Breakdown and accidents

What makes RIS unique a unique solution?

  • Features like historic traceability a city/district/branch wise mileage reporting would help optimize the operating cost
  • Solution is offered at a very nominal monthly fee in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model
  • Build on cloud computing platform for high scalability and consistent download speed
  • Guaranteed server uptime up to 99.99%
  • Flexible payment terms

Operational Reports

  • Vehicle Alerts for Road Permits, Insurance, Pollution Certificate
  • Trip Summary
  • Trip Balance sheet to measure Trip Level profitability
  • Vehicle Performance
  • Driver Account Statement
  • Fuel Statements and Reconciliation

Locate Vehicle on Map

Value add services

  • On Demand SMS alerts – You can know all important details like vehicle location, permits expiry by sending a SMS.
  • 24/7 Call Centre – If you do not have staff to monitor your fleet, you can subscribe to this service for receiving daily updates and reports.

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