RIS- Document Management & Workflow

RIS Enterprise is a comprehensive document management system for capturing, archiving, indexing and retrieving any type of document - paper, email, fax etc. Its rich set of features include integrated OCR and full text search, ability to store content across multiple volumes, elaborate security permissions, universal file viewer with annotation support etc.

The product is built on a web-based modular architecture, which combines technical robustness with flexibility to adapt to business processes. Conforming to international standards like ODMA and XML, RIS is also an immensely scalable solution primarily because of its distributed component based architecture. Based on .NET framework.

Architecture Highlights

  • True distributed architecture which supports multiple storage volumes, multiple text extraction servers etc.
  • Enables use of HTTP/HTTPS for deployments across firewall.
  • Documents stored in proprietary file server with high level of security and performance.
  • Works with any ODBC-compliant database.
  • Follows web standards like XML,HTTP etc.
  • Support Active Directory Integration for authentication.

Key Features


  • Supports all forms of documents like Paper(scanning),Electronic, Emails and Faxes.
  • Integrated server-side OCR engine–requires no manual input. Automatic full text indexing of electronic documents also.
  • Plug-in for MSOffice,PDF etc so user can store document into the repository from within the application itself.
  • Comprehensive scanning module.
  • Enables multi page document creation.
  • Barcode separators for batches/folder routing.
  • Integrated viewer to provide user friendly interface for indexing.
  • No limit on number/fields of index field templates(metadata, document classes).


  • Granular access level permissions supported(morethan15).
  • File server structure which enhances performance and security.
  • Documents can be linked together which aids retrieval.
  • User/Group level security permissions can be based on index template(document class).
  • Comprehensive version control menu.
  • Expiry date for documents can be set.
  • Elaborate audit trails are maintained.
  • Convenient backup and restore options.

Search & Retrieval

  • Browser based full text and meta data based retrieval of documents.
  • Powerful search features–Fuzzy,Proximity,Boolean,Stemming,SearchwithinResults,etc.
  • Integrated file viewer which can support more than 150 file formats. Provides features like annotations, zoom etc..
  • Documents can be viewed in native format or HTML version also.
  • Supports bookmarks, saving of favorite searches.


  • Document Expiry–Allows the setting of expiry date on folder sand documents for email notifications.
  • Doc Notifications– Supports the monitoring of specific events(Add, Delete, Modify etc)on folders and documents.
  • Address Book–For managing all the contacts at an individual and organizational level.
  • Discussion Forum–For users to engage in discussions through various threads and topics Bookmarks–Enables the users to bookmark documents displayed in Search Results for easy reference.
  • Saved Searches–Search criteria can be stored for faster search results display without recent search criteria.
  • Shared Docs–Enables the users to share documents with other users in the organization.
  • Office Plugins– Plugins for Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, Power point, Outlook etc.
  • Storage of documents directly from Office apps in the repository.
  • Tagging of metadata from office apps.
  • Version control enabled for checking out and Checking in documents.
  • Content and Metadata searches .


  • Compatible with any ODBC compliant database like SQL Server, Oracle etc.
  • Web based .NET application with a user friendly interface.
  • Works with any TWAIN compatible scanner.
  • Full text indexing of more than 150 file formats is supported.
  • Permits elaborate security settings definition at individual user level as well as user group level.
  • Allows creation of custom data type definitions, where in each meta data type can have multiple variable number of fields.
  • Includes an Indexing and Search engine for performing content searches on the documents.
  • Provides various types of searches like Word Search, Phrase search, Fuzzy search, Word Stemming, Proximity search, Boolean search etc.
  • Supports display of the document in a powerful viewer that is integrated in the browser interface and which supports annotations.
  • Has an inbuilt version control system.
  • Includes comprehensive Backup and Restore mechanism
  • Highly scalable solution with ability to define multiple volumes across different machines for storing data across machines.
  • Supports different audit trail reports to track the documents uploaded, modified, deleted etc.
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