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We have an extensive experience in Smart card applications of all sorts, applications involving end user terminals and data collection.

A smart card is a credit card sized card that contains a silicon microprocessor chip with the capability to crosses output and store electronic data in a highly secure manner.

A smart card can be replaced in the present magnetic stripe cards based applications, which enables high and security technology.

The smart card chip can store large amounts of data in worth Read Only and Read/Write formats during the user. The ability to safely add and remove data from their card as required.

The major components of a typical smart card are the processor, the memory, the interface pads and plastic cards. RIS offers a wide range of Smart Card Terminals which are standalone and networked that can be used to record the transaction data.

  • Basic telephone System Integration & support
  • pre-paid card
  • Credit/Debit card application
  • Fuel card
  • Supermarket loyalty application
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